Why The Kettlebell Swing Is The Ultimate Exercise

It’s no surprise that Kettlebell exercises are gaining popularity among fitness experts, when it is used correctly it is a powerful tool that can maximize any fitness routine. Kettlebell exercises have immense physical benefits but the ease of use and ability to get a full body workout in anywhere makes it extremely practical, separating it from other exercises.

Barbell squats may be the king of exercises, but you can’t perform them outside in your yard, can you? The ultimate exercise should be one that is not only effective in any setting, but also versatile.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why the Kettlebell swing is the ultimate exercise and why you should add it to your training program now!


Reason #1. The Kettlebell Swing is a fantastic Deadlift Warm-Up

The deadlift is a fantastic exercise that works almost all of the muscles in the body, particularly the hamstrings and lower back muscles. The movement that is performed is called a hip-hinge and it is the basis for a lot of similar Kettlebell exercises, in fact, the hip-hinge is used in the Kettlebell swing.

The swinging movement of the Kettlebell swing is a great warm up for the deadlift and it will work the muscles of the hamstrings and of the lower back in a dynamic way. It’s also a great way to get comfortable with the movement if you have never deadlifted before.


Reason #2. The Kettlebell Swing can be performed anywhere

The beauty of the Kettlebell swing is that it really can be performed anywhere, which is great if you want to do a high-intensity workout. Kettlebells can be found in just about any gym; or you can leave them at the office to get some work in on your break! Just find an open space or you can take them outside and perform them as part of a boot camp. You can even do them in your living room. Pat Flynn talks about performing 300 swings per day at home in this article for Breaking Muscle.


Reason #3. There are many variations

The two-handed Kettlebell swing has a lot of different variations. There’s the single arm swing, the alternating arm swing, the Russian swing, and the American swing, so don’t limit yourself to one variation! This can help keep things interesting (particularly if you decide to do the 300 swings per day routine) and changing your routine can really boost your workout.


Reason #4. The Kettlebell Swing increases power

When performed at a high intensity kettlebell swings can really increase your strength and power. According to a study conducted by researchers at the Exercise Physiology Laboratory and Center for Sport Performance at California State University, kettlebell swings were almost as effective as weightlifting at increasing power and were equal in improving vertical jumps, back squats, and power cleans.

Gaining strength is useful for weightlifters but also for anyone who wants to improve their performance and increase muscle mass.


Reason #5. The Kettlebell Swing can improve endurance

Not only can performing Kettlebell swings improve strength and power, but using a lighter weight for a higher rep range could help you improve your aerobic endurance. Kettlebells can be an awesome cardio workout and is a much cheaper alternative to buying a treadmill or exercise bike for your home while providing the same benefits.


Reason #6. The Kettlebell Swing is an effective fat loss tool

Kettlebell swings can be used in two ways to help you lose weight. First, you can use them as part of a regular workout. This will burn a lot of calories and when combined with a diet will lead to weight loss.

The second way to use them would be in a similar way to Pat Flynn (see reason #2), aiming for a daily target of 300 (or whatever your initial target may be) would help you achieve an active lifestyle outside of the gym. The calories you burn doing this will add up over the weeks and months and you will lose a lot of weight this way.

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