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New 8-Week Simple + Savage KB Program> Try A Free Workout



My name is Eric Leija and I am an Onnit Academy Senior Kettlebell Coach. I coach in Austin, Texas at the Onnit Gym. I specialize in kettlebell training courses but I also incorporate other training tools and methods into my routines to get the most out of every session. I’ve been coaching for over three years but have been working out and living a fit lifestyle for over 12 years.

I began training in mixed martial arts when I was 12, and to stay ahead of my competition and in tip-top shape, I also did strength training and conditioning. I learned tips and techniques from some of the top fighters in the game and incorporated what I learned from them into my workout routines. This is when I first got familiar with kettlebells and their benefits for athletes.

I received my first formal training in kettlebells in 2013 under IKFF Kettlebell Coach Ken Blackburn. Since then I have used kettlebells almost daily in every workout and with every client. I have developed a style of training using kettlebells that are functional, fun and engaging. The versatility of the kettlebell courses allows me to combine exercises in various combinations and patterns that are challenging, logical and yield results. I want to promote creativity when working out.

Being able to mix things up keeps me interested and motivated to keep learning new things and keep getting better. I want to promote a non-dogmatic approach to training. I want to promote exploration. The only way to break the mold is to explore and move to get closer to finding something that works for you. This is what works for me and what I have learned from experience that I have been able to replicate with my clients.

My kettlebell courses combine strength, conditioning, and mobility to make sure you are not only getting bigger, faster, and stronger but also more mobile and durable so that you can minimize your risk for injury and keep training and getting better. I use what works and what is going to help me or my client get the results they want, which is why in addition to using kettlebells I also incorporate barbell, dumbbell, battle rope, calisthenics, steel club, and steel mace exercises into my routines.

Being a coach at the Onnit Academy, I’ve had the privilege of taking seminars with some of the top movement coaches in the industry such as, John Wolf,  Dr. Mark Cheng, Mike Fitch, and Dr. Andreo Spina who opened my eyes to the importance of body weight movement and mobility to help improve performance and overall health. I am excited about sharing the knowledge I have learned over the years with you and want to help you incorporate techniques that work into your fitness routine.

In addition to training hard in the gym, I also make a concerted effort to make sure I eat well and fuel my body with the right nutrients to help me recover strong. I believe fitness is a lifestyle and with proper training, rest and nutrition you too can be the fittest you can be and crush your goals.



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