New 8-Week Simple + Savage KB Program> Try A Free Workout
New 8-Week Simple + Savage KB Program> Try A Free Workout


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What are my video programs?

These workout programs are designed by me and are tailored to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.

Each program combines all the tools and techniques I use with my clients and in my own training.

  • Bulking programs
  • Shredding programs
  • Strength programs
  • Mobility programs
  • Conditioning and cardio programs

What are my video programs?

I am sharing these programs with you so that you can train like me. Currently I am the strongest, most in shape and healthy I have ever been. I attribute my well rounded fitness to the balance of high intensity training with mobility and durability in my practice.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals while helping you move better so you can be more durable and continue to keep seeing results while staying injury free.

I love mixing it up in my training to not only force my body to continually have to adapt to new stimulus but to also keep things interesting. I will guide you through workout programs using the various unconventional and conventional tools that I use.

Some programs will be tool specific like kettlebell only, steel mace only while others will combine various tools.

My aim is to help you see that there is more than one way to be your fittest. You can have fun while crushing your goals.

What are my video programs?

These programs are for anyone who is looking to switch things up in their training and push past plateaus. For those that are sick of training in pain and want to see results without sacrificing their health. For the longest time I trained relentlessly to reach new PRs, to lift heavier weight, to be the leanest, fastest, etc while constantly dealing with nagging pain in my shoulders, hips, back etc.

It wasn’t until I started incorporating a more holistic approach to my training by including a heavy dose of mobility and durability into my training that I was able to push past my old limits.


Most of these programs can be performed anywhere provided you have the tools prescribed.

The kettlebell and bodyweight, steel mace, steel clubs and battle ropes specific programs can be performed pretty much anywhere.

Some programs will be performed in a full gym setting. These various programs will give you options so that you have no excuse not to train!


Are you tired of showing up to the gym with no longterm plan or strategy to help you achieve your goals?

Are you ready to narrow the focus of your training to a specific exercise tools or goals while also removing the guessing when deciding what exercises you’re going to perform during that days workout? If so, play the video and read more below to get started and begin training with a plan and purpose.

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Using these training programs will show you a new way to move.

These programs will shine light on the effectiveness of mindful movement, quality technique and proper recovery to help you continue to train hard, see and feel results.

You will learn how to combine traditional methods with new techniques to help you not only get bigger, faster and stronger but also mobile, agile and healthier than before.


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