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As a leader in kettlebell training, Eric Leija aims to empower you in your pursuit of excellence. He’s developed the world’s best kettlebell workout plans and online training available today that does what it’s designed to do…As a leader in training, Eric Leija aims to empower you in your pursuit of excellence. He continually develops the best daily workouts and workout programs and shares them on a weekly basis through the subscription service. These workouts and programs are designed to provide results of the highest degree in different goal-oriented methods.

  • Burn Massive Calories & Fat
  • Build Lean Muscle & Tighten Your Body
  • Improve Strength, Flexibility, & Posture
  • Break Through Plateaus & Personal Records
  • Give Your Entire Body A Complete Workout Fast
  • Radically Transform & Enhance Your Entire Physique


Eric’s daily workouts updated on a weekly basis. Follow Eric and his daily routines to uncover and learn his uniquely styled training concepts to develop your own workout programs.


Subscribe to the monthly membership service to unlock special features, workout programs, and daily routines not available anywhere else. Follow Eric day by day and week by week.



Exclusive goal-oriented programs released periodically and only for subscription-based users. Specific and focused in-depth fitness programs developed to achieve targeted results.




I never actually bought any course before this. And I am happy I bought this one of the thousands out there. It was a real challenge and I actually feel so much stronger thanks to what this course has provided me. I have been recommending it to friends whenever possible and only has positive things to say about this course. 5 out of 5. Top class!



If you are reading this review & are thinking about trying the course. Stop thinking JUST DO IT. At 48, I consider myself in pretty good shape. I run, ride mountain bikes, play basketball, do resistance training & compete in Spartan races. Before getting the PKC; I tried a few of the KB flows (VERYHUMBLING).This PKC will challenge you in EVERYWAY possible. So many good things to say



As a fitness professional myself, I know many trainers will set you up to be dependent upon them. Eric's given his primal flows and format in a stylish doggy bag (almost Flyers colors, too). That's dope…
From one swinging ape to another… Keep up the great work.



Kettlebell workout plans are updated on a weekly basis and available online from any device, anytime. Follow Eric and his daily routines to uncover and learn his uniquely styled training concepts to develop your own primal workouts and physique.


  • Exclusive Access to Eric’s Ongoing Daily Workout Routines
  • Uncover Eric’s Conventional & Unconventional Training Methods
  • Video Demonstrations of Each Exercise
  • Detailed Explanations of Each Exercise
  • New Daily Gym & At Home Workouts Posted Weekly



Stop wasting your time with one-size-fits-all workouts, training programs, and YouTube workouts. Don’t throw things together and hope something will work.

Get the perfect workouts for you. Eric’s Monthly workout subscription is designed to help you achieve your goals with fun, fast, and effective daily workouts and programs. Eliminate the guesswork. Get consistent results. Get the body you deserve.

Your Eric Leija monthly subscription includes exclusive workout programs released periodically and are always accessible. These unique programs are extremely goal focussed and can be used to achieve specific results for targeted muscle groups.

"Awesome coach, and, Eric’s kettlebell
flows have changed my thoughts about
kettlebells movements. Thank You!"

— Mcgovern T.

"Many new ideas and different techniques
that I can add into my own routines!"

— Ben C.

"Eric is a powerful online trainer, follow
him for great examples of workouts
that will get you ripped!"

— Ari L.

"Eric Leija is The King of kettlebell
complexes, great demo videos!"

— Eirik L.

"This guy is so creative with Kettlebells.
Highly Recommended!"

— Joe E.

"I want to thank you for all that you post!
I'm approaching an age group where my
joints are feeling the aches & pains of

Your Kettlebell flow techniques are helping
me stay fit, focus on movements & technical
techniques while saving me from daily pain,
thank you!"

— Che

Home & Gym Workouts So You Can Workout Anywhere, Anytime!

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, professional athlete, or someone who’s struggling to break free of your current physique, Eric’s dynamic kettlebell workout plans work wonders. His cutting-edge techniques, special methods, and workouts get the job done.

Benefits & Features:

  • New workouts uploaded weekly
  • All workouts can be performed at home or a gym
  • All Workouts Available Online & Accesible Anywhere.
  • Every daily workout is new. Scratch the same old routines
  • View previous workouts
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Detailed description of each exercise


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