3 Power-Move Kettlebell Flow Workout

Yes, it really is possible to get a full-body, epic workout with solid gains utilizing just 3 power kettlebell moves. Here I break down why these moves work, how they strengthen your body more than isolated exercises and give you a video breakdown of each movement.

Let’s get it!

What Makes an Epic Flow

At its most basic core, what makes a flow epic is full-body, functional movements. This allows you to work several major muscle groups at once in at least half the time. And, if you do it with high intensity (minimal rest between sets), you’ll likely experience the same (if not better) gains than if you spent over an hour doing isolated exercises for every workout. Functional, full-body movements also build solid foundations of strength due to strengthening not only large muscles but all of the smaller connecting muscles that link and support these larger groups.

These are also referred to as stabilizer muscles since they also play a role in stabilizing your skeletal system and improving balance during all types of movement – even sports-movements.

Functional exercises also improve other facets of “fitness” we often forget, such as agility and flexibility. If we use the old bamboo analogy, this bendy branch is hard to break due to its ability to flex. A block of wood may be strong, but if put under pressure, it’s more liable to break due to not being flexible.

The same is true when it comes to your body; if your supporting muscles are weak, a quick rotation or odd movement may result in an over-extension of a muscle, a bone sprang, or even a tear due to a lack of flexibility.


Kettlebell Flow: The 3 Moves

These three core kettlebell moves will help strengthen your foundational muscles along with your larger muscle groups, plus encourage flexibility through your shoulders and hips, so you can improve all aspects of true fitness. Watch each move breakdown to master the technique, then put them together like in the full video below.


Gorilla Row

It might look simple, but trust me: the Gorilla Row will be working your entire body. By bending into a squat and leaning forward before even grabbing your kettlebells, you’ll be isometrically engaging your core, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Once you grip those bells and pull, your chest, upper back, biceps, and shoulders will be getting pumped.

To begin, crouch into a squat with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Grip a kettlebell in each hand between your legs and row, one arm following the other. Be sure to keep your back straight and keep the movement slow and controlled. Aim for 2 sets, alternating arms for 30 seconds.


Kettlebell Clean

Cleans are another full-body burner that also get your heart rate up to burn massive calories.

Begin in a squat position, feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Grip one bell in your right hand and push up through your glutes, rowing the bell up toward your shoulders. Once the bell reaches shoulder height, rotate your wrist to shift the bell into a resting position on your shoulder. Lower, bending through your waist, and grab the other bell with your left hand. Continue to alternate. Aim for 2 sets, alternating arms for 30 seconds.


Kettlebell Snatch

The kettlebell snatch’s explosive movement is going to get your heart pumping, while also working your entire core and challenging those stabilizer muscles we spoke of earlier.

To begin, set up the kettlebells between your feet in a squat position, bending from your waist to grasp one in your right hand. When you’re ready, push up through your hips and slightly row the kettlebell up with your torso. As the kettlebell reaches shoulder height, flip your wrist to rotate the bell and use momentum to press it up toward the ceiling. Lower, the bell, flipping your wrist midway down, and set it on the floor. Immediately reach for the other bell with your opposite hand and perform the same movement.

Continue alternating arms for 30 seconds, for 2 sets.


Full Flow: 3 Power-Move Flow Workout

Watch the full flow in action below, and subscribe to the Youtube Channel to grab more free workouts and flow tips.


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