Why Unconventional Training Will Bring You Great Results

Push-ups, Sit-ups, Bench Press, Curls, Rows, Leg Press…

We’re all familiar with traditional training methods and are aware of how effective they can be in turning your body into a lean work of art –  however, they are not the only way to achieve fitness success.

If you are familiar with the advantages of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) when compared to exercises that encompass Low-Intensity Interval Training (LITT), then you understand the groundwork of how unconventional training methods can be more effective workouts.

Why jog on a treadmill for an hour when you can burn more fat and increase your stamina quicker with HIIT exercises? If you see the logic here, you will understand why it’s time to try something a little unconventional.

These are some of the top unconventional exercise techniques that will give those who want an additional challenge a great place to start!


Unconventional Bodyweight Techniques

There are numerous variations of push-ups, sit-ups, and other bodyweight exercises that are unconventional and effective. Using your body weight allows you to create muscle memory, which leads to better full-body coordination, and balance. Bodyweight training can be done quickly and efficiently if you’re already doing HIIT exercises, you will be able to seamlessly add unconventional techniques to your repertoire.


New To Unconventional Training? Try KettleBells!

Once you begin researching unconventional training techniques, it’s almost like you are starting over in the fitness community. There are a number of innovative exercises and training regimes available; the ONNIT Academy specializes in bringing these exercises to life, pumping new fire into your workouts!

Kettlebells are one of the most effective tools that are a staple in every unconventional training program. The ONNIT Academy recommends any newcomer to unconventional methods of training to immediately become familiar with The Kettlebell.

Research has shown that people that train for long periods of time with kettlebells benefit from exponential increases in core strength and even aerobic capacity as compared to more conventional training. Kettlebells also increase grip strength and balance – making it a remarkable tool for athletes or fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an edge.

Kettlebells will provide for a challenging and explosive unconventional workout that will activate new muscles in your body. You will not regret incorporating them into your routine.


Sandbags Offer Something Unique!

Sandbag training is also recommended by the ONNIT Academy. Sandbags are extremely unconventional thanks to their feel, shape, and weight distribution. The awkwardness of sandbags is what makes them the optimal alternative training tool. 

What makes sandbags so useful? A number of conventional training exercises such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, rows, curls, and military presses can all be done while using sandbags. The unstable nature of sandbags creates a unique challenge during each rep of every exercise you perform while using this unusual tool.

You will use muscles you’re not accustomed to using this exercise, building functional strength that people who only use more traditional methods will miss out on. Why? The dynamic nature of the workout requires the body to use a variety of stabilizing muscles that are ignored during traditional lifts.

Don’t be alarmed by the shifting sand and the first few challenging repetitions when you begin to use a sandbag – we don’t call it unconventional training for no reason!


Battle Rope? Why Not?!

The ONNIT Academy stands fully behind the battle rope, and that includes when we’re not using it for exercise. The battle rope is a staple in unconventional training and will most definitely be found in the majority of unconventional gyms across the country. This simple piece of equipment helps deliver one of the most highly effective fat burning and conditioning workouts on the planet… No joke…

If you’re interested in an unconventional and hardcore training exercise then you should salivate over the opportunity of mixing it up with the battle rope. The rope also provides no stress to the body or spine, making it a highly effective, low impact exercise.

If you feel like getting creative, there are numerous ways to use the battle rope to give you a killer cardio workout. It will only take seconds until you to begin feeling the incredible benefits of the battle rope!


Go Medieval, Grab A Steel Mace!

The steel mace was originally a weapon developed in ancient Persia. The Gada (which is a heavy mace) style of training is used in modern conditioning after its benefits were seen as superior opposed to the sledgehammer. The size and shape of the mace are what make it an unconventional training method; the benefits are easily felt during a training session!

Foundational Movement mace training is based on four essential movements: the squat, hinge, push, pull, which are all geared towards improving core functional strength. There are other styles of mace training that focus on specific flows which have altering tempos and focus on a total body workout.

The steel mace will provide a unique challenge to your routine and will help build muscles that conventional exercises cannot adequately stimulate. Incorporating a mace will also prevent your body from becoming accustomed to a routine, allowing you to build muscle and strength at an increased rate.


We Like Our Clubs Made From Steel!

If you want a challenge, the steel club will definitely provide that. There are few tools that can deliver a complete full-body workout and the steel club does just that. The steel club is a wrecking ball of force when it comes to improving all aspects of fitness.

Want to get stronger? Use a steel club.

Want to improve your cardiovascular condition? The steel club can help you there as well.

Want to improve your overall balance? The steel club has you there as well.

This effective piece of equipment is a great addition to traditional training regimens as well and can be used in conjunction with barbells to enhance functional capabilities through full-body exercise.

Be warned! Once you start using a steel club your body will be in for an intense workout; it’s as challenging as it is rewarding. If you have ever considered diving into unconventional techniques, steel clubs offer the most flexibility of use compared to any other piece of new age training equipment.


Why The Rise In Popularity Of Unconventional Training?

With the onset of the internet and millions of individuals around the world searching for fitness techniques, research on supplements, and looking for training regimens they can customize to their liking – it was only natural for creativity to mesh with advances in technology and human understanding of fitness and healthy living.

Athletes from a range of sports have turned to unconventional training techniques due to the encouragement of their trainers. The equipment and the exercises performed with them provide athletes with an edge. Traditional martial artists have been using unconventional training methods for centuries – now mixed martial artists are blending these techniques into their training.

American football, soccer, basketball, and baseball athletes are seeing benefits from these methods of training. While conventional methods of training continue to be relevant, the blending of the methodologies is helping individuals maximize their results.


Try It Now

Unconventional training methods are intense, challenging, and are for those who want to test their body and mind. Whether you are training for a competition or simply want to achieve peak physical condition, each of the listed methods will help you reach your personal goals.

At first, the transition into unconventional training will be strenuous, but if you persevere then you will find the journey well worth it. Be safe and be strong!

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