How to Get Up Early (and Why You Should)

We all know that one person … the morning person.

They’re up at dawn, they’re smiling, and they seem ready to take on the world.

When I was younger, and like most people who regularly slept in, I used to think when I saw these people, “someone give me some of that juice!” (Haha),

Ironically, even though it wasn’t necessarily ingrained in me to be up early, I’ve found (or should I say developed) some of that “juice” that gets people up in the morning.

Nowadays, I have a routine of getting up early with relative ease, getting in some fasted cardio, and getting into the day in a good frame of mind.

Below I’m breaking down the juicy tips and advice I’ve used to develop the habit of getting up and at the day, without feeling like you’re dragging yourself out of bed, so you can get in on it!

Benefits of Being (or Becoming) a Morning Person

First things first: why would anyone want to develop a habit of getting up earlier (especially if they don’t necessarily have to)? Interestingly, getting up early is associated with some pretty impressive benefits, like:

Healthier Overall Diet

Whether you’re fasting or eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a regular schedule, getting up early can contribute tremendously to keeping your diet clean. Even if you skip breakfast, you’ll still have more prep time to prepare the rest of your meals for the day, rather than depending on eating out. This habit alone can save you an unbelievable amount of calories (even eating out at “healthy” cafes tends to pack in more calories than if you cooked the dish at home).

No Chance for Excuses, Plus Improved Sleep

We’ve all been there: the later in the day it gets, the easier it is to say, “I’ll just do it tomorrow.” Things that build up as the day goes on become opportunities to be an excuse to skip your late-day workout. Adding your workout to a morning routine means you get up, grind away, and have accomplished your goals before anything can get in the way.

As for icing on the cake, studies suggest that those who workout in the morning sleep better. This is due to blood pressure dipping lower in the evening in individuals who have worked out early in the day, resulting in the ability to achieve a deeper sleep.

Improved Focus and Productivity

Cliche as it may seem, correlation has shown that many of the most successful people are typically morning people. Researchers suggest that these early risers have a proactive element to their personality that can lead to a boost in productivity. When you wake early and have the space to focus on your goals for the day ahead, it’s natural that you’d be more motivated to accomplish them.

Less Procrastination

Tying in with focus and productivity, studies also show that getting up earlier can reduce the chances that you’ll procrastinate.

Have you ever noticed that one of the hardest things to do get started – be it working out, cleaning, etc… – but once you’re going, it’s easy to keep going? Waking up early is like taking the first step of anything. Once you’re awake, the rest is easier to tackle.

How to Become a Morning Person

So, you’ve committed to the idea of getting up earlier – but how do you take concrete steps toward actually doing it?

Here are a few tips to make the conversion to a morning person easier:

Skip the Snooze

Put your alarm or phone across the room, so you need to get out of bed to turn it off. The extra nine minutes of sleep the snooze button gives you isn’t quality sleep anyway, so just forgo it. Skipping the snooze isn’t going to be an easy habit to break, but it will be worthwhile to reap all of the morning person benefits.

Find a Natural Light

I know, it feels so good to sleep in a dark, cozy room. But, we need to go to bed in a place where there is access to light — or you aren’t going to want to wake up. Cleveland Clinic Sleep Medicine Specialist Dr. Michelle Drerup says it best: “Our circadian rhythms are responsive to light and dark.” Natural, bright light early in the morning primes your brain and hormones for waking up. If natural light isn’t an option, try a wake-up light, which can get your morning routine started without you doing a thing.

Stick With Your Schedule

Regardless of the day of the week, set your alarm, wake up and keep your morning routine the same. Again, it’s a habit — hard to form, harder to break. 

Prepare for Tomorrow

Knowing that everything is in place, and you won’t be scrambling around to fill your gym bag or stock your snacks, lets you rest easier … thus possibly making it easier to wake up.

Further, it allows your morning routine to be just that, routine, so if anything may come up unexpectedly, you’ll have time to handle it. So prep your meals, get the coffee maker ready, know what you’re going to wear for the day and pack your bags. Wake up ready to tackle the day, rather than the day tackling you.

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