5 Reasons to Start Using Kettlebells Now

If you’ve been seeing kettlebells everywhere and have yet to pick them up, you are missing out on a high-intensity fitness experience. Kettlebells can challenge your whole body and give you quick muscle gains in half the time of other weight machines and free weights.  When you use kettlebells, you target multiple muscle groups at the same time that payoffs for your whole body and that you will feel quickly.


Let’s look at my top-five reasons you should make kettlebells apart of your lifting regimen.

1. Get Lean Faster

A 10-minute routine with a kettlebell burns a whopping amount of calories – around 200 in fact. You can even burn around 600 calories with a 30-minute workout. You’ll also build lean muscle that burns major calories long after you put down the bell.

2. It’s Easy and Hyper-Effective

Tim Ferris popularized kettlebells in the US. He researched the swing and attested that it’s the only move you need to do to stay fit. I wouldn’t go that far, but a kettlebell swing is a move anyone can learn on equipment you can take with you anywhere. Do just 150 swings a day and you’ll tone your arms, back, butt, and thighs. You’ll get stronger and more sculpted all over.  Learn how to do some flows and watch the cuts in your body emerge.

3. Flows Work Multiple Muscle Groups at Once

With a simple kettlebell swing, you work multiple muscle groups including the shoulders, back, quadriceps, glutes, core, and biceps. Learn to do some kettlebell flows and you can create whole body exercises that build muscle all over the body at once, challenging every muscle group. Check out some of my instructional videos of me doing my favorite kettlebell flows on Instagram and YouTube.

Here are some links to my kettlebell flow’s and circuits here: 


Primal Pump #5 – Double Kettlebell – Row X Clean X Squat | Eric Leija

Full Body Single Kettlebell Complex

Full Body Single Kettlebell Flow 


4. It’s Cardio + Resistance Training

Most of us try to alternate days of lifting with rest days and/or heart-pumping cardio days. The great thing about kettlebells is that it’s a cardiovascular exercise plus some of the most muscle-building lifting you can do.

You can do whole cardio-geared routines with kettlebells using high cardio/high rep with a lighter kettlebell for long periods of time that raise your heart rate, help you boost VO2 max through the roof, and help you burn major fat.

So, here’s the great news. On your days you’re not hitting all the machines and doing deadlifts, you can do combined cardio/resistance kettlebell days, building up your entire body, heart, muscles, lungs, all of it, with a simple, portable, and a highly effective tool that’s changed my life and my body completely.

5. It’s portable exercise you can do anytime, anywhere.

If you own your own kettlebells, you can get a workout that’s as good as hitting all the machines at the gym wherever you are—the park, the yard, the house.

You can take them anywhere and can learn to challenge the entire body in new ways, building muscle and enhancing your cardio fitness everywhere you go.

I’d love to hear from you on your favorite kettlebell flows and complexes.

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Start Using Kettlebells Now

  1. Absolutely love you workouts
    Do you have a flow routine that can be used as a daily workout and if so how long do you suggest I workout for each time
    Many thanks

  2. Hey Eric – I have followed you on IG forever, so I’m pretty stoked about the site and the program! I’m currently studying to take the NASM CPT exam and KBs are a huge interest of mine. Loving the content and the program thus far. Best, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa!! 🙂

      Awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive feedback it truly means a lot. I’m happy to hear you have a huge interest in kettlebells they are my favorite piece of exercise of equipment. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and be sure to get involved with the community there are a ton of knowledgeable people a part of this community 🙂

  3. Ferris may have popularized them, but you’re mastering them — and bringing them to the masses. I have never had so much fun training in my whole life. Your course, more than anything, has made me form-obsessed, and thats lead to immensely more effective and efficient training. #primalaf

  4. Hey Eric!
    You are really badass and real life hero because you put kettlbells in new dimension of workout and you really motivate me of using 100% kettlebells in my workout.
    Salut from Croatia!

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