1.9 Day 1 Single Kettlebell Workout Mobility and Durability


Warm Up Circuit: 3 Rounds | 10 Seconds Rest Between Sets

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A1: Gunslingers x 1 Minute

Starting in a standing position, clasp your hands together in front of your and press through your upper/mid back as you round out your spine. Then, reach your arms behind you, open your chest wide, extend your spine lifting your chin to the sky. Flex and extend your spine.


A2: Standing Lateral Spine Roll x 1 Minute

Starts by folding at the hips. Let your head hang and keep a soft bend in the knees. Lean your spine to one side and shift your weight to the opposite hip. Use your inside arm to press against the inside of your leg and turn you opposite elbow to the sky. Try to get a deep stretch in your low back and then turn back down to the floor and hang your head and alternate sides.


A3: Thoracic Bridge, Alternating x 1 Minute

Start by sitting face up, palms behind your back and legs bent. Bridge your hips up keeping them level and reach with one hand across your chest. Reach far and get a deep stretch in your thoracic, all while keeping your hips from rotating. Alternate sides by pulling your arm back in and and sitting your hips close to the floor before switching.

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Circuit 1: 4 Sets | 10 Seconds Rest Between Sets and Exercises

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B1: Single Kettlebell Arm Bar x 30 Seconds Each Side 

Start lying on your back, pressing the kettlebell up towards the ceiling with one arm, make sure that your leg on the same side as the kettlebell is bent with your knee also towards the ceiling. Your other arm should be reaching straight overhead, resting on the floor. As you are holding up the kettlebell, press the ground with your bent leg and turn your hips over to the floor, like you are trying to thrust down into the floor, try to maintain your shoulder packed throughout this movement as you rotate your chest towards the ground. While rotating, make sure to keep the loaded arm straight and try to get your bent leg over onto the other side of your straight leg, then straighten both legs. Repeat by turning back to face up with control.


B2: Reverse Lunge to Sumo Squat x 1 Minute

Starting in a standing position, step back into a reverse lunge. Try to keep a straight line from your knee to your head. Open up your back hip and hold a sumo squat, press out your knees as far out as you can. Come back to a reverse lunge and come back to standing. Alternate sides.


B3: Kneeling Spine Wave x 1 Minute

Start on your knees. Sit your butt back towards your heels, extend your arms out in front of you, extend your spine here, sinking your head, chest and shoulders down towards the floor. Inhale as your in the back position and then exhale and flex your spine as you shift your weight forward and then inhale and drop your hips and lift your chin to the sky, chest up and shoulders back. Move forward and back waving through your spine. Keep your arms straight throughout the whole set.

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Circuit 2: 4 Sets, 10 Seconds Rest Between Sets and Exercises

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C1: Kneeling Windmill x 30 Seconds Each Side 

Start in a kneeling position with a single kettlebell in your rack position as the same side as the knee that is up. Press the kettlebell overhead and then hinge at the hips, reach for the ground with free hand and touch the floor with your palm or elbow. Come up nice and slow with the kettlebell overhead. Keep the kettlebell overhead as you complete the repetitions.


C2: Floor Scorpion, Alternating x 1 Minute

Lay face down and extend both arm out to your sides. Lift one foot up and then step over to your opposite side, bending your knee. Squeeze your butt and lift your knee back, pressing into the outside edge of your foot and reach in the opposite direction with your hand. Take a couple deep breaths in this stretch and then alternate sides slow and steady.


C3: Bird Dog x 1 Minute

Starting in a quadruped position, lift your opposite hand and foot off the floor and extend them as far as you can. Be sure to keep your core tight and spine long throughout the movement. Be sure not to hyperextend low back at the end of this movement.

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Circuit 3: 4 Sets | 10 Seconds Rest Between Sets and Exercises

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D1: Shin Box Switch to Extension and Halo x 1 Minute 

Start sitting down holding the kettlebell upside down by the horns. Bend your legs and bring your heels close to your butt. Keep your spine as straight as you can and sit your knees over to one side, do your best not to shift your feet around. Lay both knees on the floor. Thrust your hips up coming up to your knees squeezing your core and butt and rotate the kettlebell around your head from shoulder to shoulder, alternating sides. Go deep behind the navel of your neck. Keep a tight core and focus on loosening up your shoulders. Slowly sit back down with control. Alternate sides.


D2: L-Sit to Table Top x 1 Minute

Starting in a crab position, press your arms into the ground packing your shoulders and squeezing your core, fully extend your legs and push your glutes back in between your arms. Them bring your hips up into the table position maintaining a long spine and tight core and glutes.

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Decompression: 1 Round

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Needle Arm Thread, Alternating x 1 Minute

Starting on your knees, draw one elbow up and back as you inhale and then reach through with that arm and needle under your armpit, stacking your shoulders. Exhale and twist deeper into your stretch. Alternate sides by coming back up and drawing your opposite elbow up towards the sky with your next inhale. Try to coordinate one breath with one rep.


Child’s Pose to Hip Flexor Stretch x 1 Minute

Start on your knees and reach your arms out in front of you as far as you can. Sit your butt back towards your heels. Sink your head and shoulders to the floor and step one foot forward outside your same side palm. Come into a kneeling position keeping your chest proud and spine long, as you squeeze your glutes, and press through your hips. Sit back into Child’s Pose and alternate sides.


Standing Arm Screw x 1 Minute

Lift your arms out to your side palms up and open. Rotate one palm all the way around, rotating the same side shoulder in its pocket as you look and reach with your other arm in the opposite direction. Shrug the rotating shoulder and roll it up and over your chest/pec and dip it towards the floor as you reach palm open in the opposite direction. Alternate sides and you can even dip at the knees to help drive the shoulder further to the floor getting deeper into your stretch.

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