1.7 Day 1 Single Kettlebell Workout : High Intensity Conditioning, Full Body


Warm Up Circuit: 3 Rounds | 10 Seconds Rest Between Exercises

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A1: Kettlebell Arm Bar x 30 Seconds Each Side 

Start lying on your back, pressing the kettlebell up towards the ceiling with one arm, make sure that your leg on the same side as the kettlebell is bent with your knee also towards the ceiling. Your other arm should be reaching straight overhead, resting on the floor. As you are holding up the kettlebell, press the ground with your bent leg and turn your hips over to the floor, like you are trying to thrust down into the floor, try to maintain your shoulder packed throughout this movement as you rotate your chest towards the ground. While rotating, make sure to keep the loaded arm straight and try to get your bent leg over onto the other side of your straight leg, then straighten both legs. Repeat by turning back to face up with control.


A2: Side Kick Through to Bridge, Alternating x 30 Seconds 

Start in a beast/quadruped position. Lift one hand and your opposite leg off the floor and then kick your leg through. Put your foot on the ground and extend your hips and then sit back down. Pull your leg back through into your quadruped position. Alternate sides.


A3: Low Cossack Squat Switch With Kettlebell for Counter Balance x 30 Seconds 

Start standing with a tall, neutral spine, holding the kettlebell by the horns. Core tight, step out with one foot to the side. Sit your hips down to your heel with your opposite leg fully extended. Keep a good posture as you sit and then shift your weight onto the opposite hip. You can use the kettlebell as a counterweight to help you get deeper into your cossack squat.

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Circuit 1: 4 Rounds | 90 Seconds Rest (45 seconds floor scorpion, 45 seconds alternating arm thread)

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B1: Offset Push Up to Close Grip Push Up x 30 Seconds 

Lay a kettlebell flat on its side. Starting in a push up position with one hand on the bell, perform a push up over the kettlebell. Be sure to keep a braced core throughout this movement. Then place both hands on the kettlebell and perform a close grip push up. . Alternate sides on the off set kettlebell push ups.


B2: Loaded Beast to Front Step x 30 Seconds

Start in a loaded beast position. Sit your hips back towards your heels and actively press back with your palms extending your arms and then explosively step one foot forward outside your same side palm. Elevate your hand off the floor and pull your elbow up and back toward your hip. Open your chest wide by twisting your torso then plant your palm back on the floor and step down and back into your loaded beast before alternating sides.


B3:  V-Ups x 30 Seconds

Lay on your back and bend at the hips reaching up to your toes. Lift your shoulder off the ground engaging you abs. Try to keep your lower back flat on the ground as you come down.

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Circuit 2: 4 Rounds | 90 Seconds Rest(shoulder rolls 30 seconds, kneeling spine waves 30 seconds)

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C1: Squat to Press, Switch Sides Every Round x 30 Seconds

Start in the racked position with your wrist flexed, stacking your wrists over your hips. Sit slow and deep into your squat and the explosively stand up pressing the kettlebell overhead. Use the force from your legs to initiate the press to make it a full body movement. Fully extend your arms out in the overhead position. Keep your ribs down with a tight core to help prevent your spine from overextending and overloading your low back. Pull the kettlebell back down into your rack, focusing on a slow and steady negative. Go down slow to load and explode up hard and fast.


C2: Side Plank, Switch Sides Every Round x 30 Seconds 

Start on the ground, lying on your side. Plant your elbow on the ground under your shoulder and life your hips off the ground. Try to keep a straight line from your heels to your head. Squeeze your glutes and core while pressing your legs together.


C3: Front Kick Throughs x 30 Seconds 

Starting from a loaded beast position, step one foot forward outside palm. Kick the back leg through, pointing forward, and lift the opposite hand bringing it in towards your chest. Bring the leg back to your mountain climber position and set your loaded beast. Repeat.

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Finisher: 8 Rounds | 30 seconds Work | 30 Seconds Rest, (thai chi twist)

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D1: Explosive Deadlift to Double Horn Clean and Lunge x 30 Seconds

Hold the kettlebell in between your heels, grip the kettlebell with both hands. Keep a proud chest and long spine. Explosively jump as high as you can and land back on the ground with control.Explosively clean up the kettlebell with both hands and step back into a reverse lunge. Come back to neutral and repeat.

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Decompression: 1 Round

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Needle Arm Thread, Alternating x 1 Minute

Starting on your knees, draw one elbow up and back as you inhale and then reach through with that arm and needle under your armpit, stacking your shoulders. Exhale and twist deeper into your stretch. Alternate sides by coming back up and drawing your opposite elbow up towards the sky with your next inhale. Try to coordinate one breath with one rep.


Thoracic Bridge, Alternating x 1 Minute

Start by sitting face up, palms behind your back and legs bent. Bridge your hips up keeping them level and reach with one hand across your chest. Reach far and get a deep stretch in your thoracic, all while keeping your hips from rotating. Alternate sides by pulling your arm back in and and sitting your hips close to the floor before switching.


Shinbox Switch With Spine Twist x 1 Minute

Start in a shinbox position and then shift your knees to one side. Twist your torso towards the direction you shifted as if you are performing a push up over the top of your thigh. Alternate sides slow and steady.


Standing Lateral Spine Roll x 1 Minute Each Side

Starts by folding at the hips. Let your head hang and keep a soft bend in the knees. Lean your spine to one side and shift your weight to the opposite hip. Use your inside arm to press against the inside of your leg and turn you opposite elbow to the sky. Try to get a deep stretch in your low back and then turn back down to the floor and hang your head and alternate sides.

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