1.6 Day 1 Single Kettlebell Workout : High Intensity Conditioning, Full Body


Warm Up Circuit: 3 Rounds | 10 Seconds Rest Between Exercises

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A1: Crab Reach, Alternating x 30 Seconds

Start by sitting face up, palms behind your back and legs bent. Bridge your hips up keeping them level and reach with one hand across your chest. Reach far overhead and toward the ground to get a deep stretch in your thoracic, all while keeping your hips from rotating. Alternate sides by pulling your arm back in and and sitting your hips close to the floor before switching.


A2: Drop Lunge to Halo x 30 Seconds 

Starting with holding the kettlebell upside down by the horns, drop down into a lunge.  Gently tap your knee to the ground being sure to keep your core tight and spine long. Hop back up to standing, and perform a single kettlebell halo going deep behind the back of your head as your brace your core. Repeat.


A3: Bear Squat to Push Up x 30 Seconds 

Start in a downward dog and sit your butt down to your heels pressing with your arms and shoulders. Be sure to keep a long spine and straight arms throughout the movement. Shift your weight forward into a push up position and perform a single push up. Repeat.

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Circuit 1: 4 Rounds | 90 Seconds Rest (30 seconds standing spine roll, 30 seconds gunslingers, 30 seconds fast and loose shake)

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B1: Kneeling Cleans x 30 Seconds (switch sides every round)

Start in a kneeling position. Try not to cross your legs and maintain a strong, wide base. Start with the kettlebell underneath your hips. Grip the bell over the handle and point your thumb down pointing the handle at a 45-degree angle toward your hips.Inhale to brace your core and then explosively pull the kettlebell up, cock your elbow up and back as you thrust your hips forward into a tall kneeling position. Try to get the kettlebell to spiral around your wrist and not flip up and over and banging against you. To descend, unravel the kettlebell and spiral back down to the start position. Remember to maintain a tall neutral spine and tight core throughout the whole movement.


B2: Squat Sprawl x 30 Seconds // squat to plank

Start standing and squat and place your hand on the floor. Kick your feet back and drop your hips to the floor. Keep your head and chest up, extending your spine. Hop back into your squat position, stand up and repeat.


B3: Side Kick Throughs x 30 Seconds

Start in a beast position, hands under your shoulders and knee slightly tucked in underneath your belly button line. Lift on hand off the ground and kick your opposite leg through. Pull your elbow up and back and point your toes on the foot that is kicking. Keep your leg off the floor and create as much distance as you can from your elbow to your toes. Pull your leg back through and switch to the other side.

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Circuit 2: 4 Rounds | 90 Seconds Rest(floor scorpion 30 seconds, standing arm screw x 30 seconds)

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C1: Ballistic Row to Snatch (row row/ snatch) x 30 Seconds

Start with the kettlebell in between your heels. Explosively row the kettlebell with one hand up to you ribs while staying in a bent over position. Release the kettlebell at the top of the rep and catch it with your opposite hand. Fully extend your opposite hand and then snatch the kettlebell overhead. Rack the kettlebell. Unravel it back to the floor and repeat by alternating sides.


C2: Push Ups As Slow As You Can x 30 Seconds 

Start in a push-up position with your palms underneath your shoulders and keep a straight line from your heel to your head. Keep forward pressure on your wrists and pull yourself down into your push up, engaging your lats. Go as slow as you can both up and down. Think 4 to 5 seconds down and 4 to 5 seconds up. Don’t stop at the top or the bottom, keep a continuous, slow motion throughout.


C3: Plyo Lunges x 30 Seconds 

Start in a lunge position and jump as high as you can, try to land softly switching you legs. Alternate jumping lunges. Load on the way down, keep your spine straight and core tight. Explode on the way up and try to land softly and prevent your body from jarring all over the place. Walk your hands back to your feet and repeat.

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Finisher: 6 rounds | 45 seconds Work | 15 Seconds Rest

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D1: Offset Push Up to Clean and Cossack x 45 Seconds 

Lay a kettlebell flat on its side. Starting in a push up position with one hand on the bell, perform a push up over the kettlebell. Be sure to keep a braced core throughout this movement. Hop up with your heels in line with the kettlebell. Grab the kettlebell by the handle, explosively clean it up and step out into a cossack squat, bringing your toes off the ground and up towards the ceiling. Come back to standing and alternate sides.

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Decompression: 1 Round

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Kneeling Spine Wave x 1 minute

Start on your knees. Sit your butt back towards your heels, extend your arms out in front of you, extend your spine here, sinking your head, chest and shoulders down towards the floor. Inhale as your in the back position and then exhale and flex your spine as you shift your weight forward and then inhale and drop your hips and lift your chin to the sky, chest up and shoulders back. Move forward and back waving through your spine. Keep your arms straight throughout the whole set.


Floor Scorpion, Alternating 1 Minute

Lay face down and extend both arm out to your sides. Lift one foot up and then step over to your opposite side, bending your knee. Squeeze your butt and lift your knee back, pressing into the outside edge of your foot and reach in the opposite direction with your hand. Take a couple deep breaths in this stretch and then alternate sides slow and steady.


Bretzel x 1 Minute Each Side

Lay on your back. Lift one leg over to the opposite side and pin your knee to the ground with your opposite arm. Grab your back leg with your other arm and kick into your palm, stretching your chest wide open, try to bring both shoulders down to the floor while keeping both knees on the ground. Take 10 deep breaths in this stretch.

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