1.5 Day 1 Single Kettlebell Workout : High Intensity Full Body Conditioning


Warm Up Circuit: 3 Rounds, 10 Seconds Rest Between Exercises

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A1: Shin box Switch with Extension and Halo x 30 Seconds

Start sitting down holding the kettlebell upside down by the horns. Bend your legs and bring your heels close to your butt. Keep your spine as straight as you can and sit your knees over to one side, do your best not to shift your feet around. Lay both knees on the floor. Thrust your hips up coming up to your knees squeezing your core and butt and rotate the kettlebell around your head from shoulder to shoulder, alternating sides. Go deep behind the navel of your neck. Keep a tight core and focus on loosening up your shoulders. Slowly sit back down with control. Alternate sides.


A2: Loaded Beast Spine Wave x 30 Seconds

Start in a loaded beast position. Sit your hips back towards your heels and actively press with your palms, extend your arms and sink your head and chest to the floor. Lift your hips up as high as you can. And flex your spine as you shift forward. Drop your hips and now extend your spine in the forward position. Lift your chin to the sky. Reverse the wave by tucking your chin to your chest. Press through the ground and protract your shoulders. Flex your spine as you shift back and sit your butt back towards your heels and repeat.


A3: Scorpion Push Up x 30 Seconds 

Start in a push-up position with your palms underneath your shoulders and keep a straight line from your heel to your head. Keep forward pressure on your wrists and pull yourself down into your push up, engaging your lats. As you descend, extend on hip, bending your leg, and bring it over your straight leg. Alternate sides.

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Circuit 1: 4 Rounds, 90 Seconds Rest (30 seconds tai chi twist, 30 seconds standing arm screw, 30 seconds fast and loose shake)

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B1: Explosive Deadlift x 30 Seconds 

Start with the kettlebell in between your heels underneath your hips. Grip it with both hands and with a long spine explosively jump as high as you can. Land softly and load your next jump fighting any jarring in your body on the way down. Load and then explode.


B2: Superman Hold with Hands Over the Kettlebell x 30 Seconds

Laying face down on the ground, place kettlebell in front of you. Create a straight line from your head to your toes. Squeeze your glutes and lift your feet off the floor and reach overhead with straight arms over the kettlebell.


B3: Single Arm Overhead Sit Up (down as slow as possible) x (switch sides every round) 30 seconds

Start on your back and bring a single kettlebell into your rack. Bend your knees and then press the kettlebell overhead. Keeping your shoulders square sit up and get your shoulder off the ground and all the way up to your hips. Keep the kettlebell overhead with your arm fully extended the whole time. Stick it at the top and then to go back down roll down your spine one vertebrae at a time like you are doing a reverse crunch. I like to go up fast and down slow and controlled.

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Circuit 2: 4 Rounds, 90 Seconds Rest(45 seconds kneeling spine wave, 45 seconds alternating standing lateral reach)

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C1: Drop Lunge to Squat and Press x 30 Seconds, Switch Sides Every Round

Rack the kettlebell on one side, perform a drop lunge and then hop up to neutral and perform a squat and then a press. Keep your core right and spine long.


C2: Push Up to Side Kick Through x 30 Seconds

Start in a beast position, hands under your shoulders and knee slightly tucked in underneath your belly button line. Lift on hand off the ground and kick your opposite leg through. Pull your elbow up and back and point your toes on the foot that is kicking. Keep your leg off the floor and create as much distance as you can from your elbow to your toes. Pull your leg back through and come into a plank position, perform a single push up, then return to beast and alternate sides.


C3: Triple Extension Knees x 30 Seconds

In a standing position lift your knee up and forward by extending your back leg. Perform a quick shuffle to switch sides and repeat. Make sure you get your heel off the floor and drive the knee up quickly and powerfully.

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Finisher: 6 Rounds 45 Seconds Work, 15 Seconds Rest,

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D1: Kettlebell Clean to Squat to Curl in Squat to Triceps Press x 45 Seconds

Starting with the kettlebell in between your heels, clean the kettlebell up with both hands. Squat down and up then place the kettlebell back on the floor and perform a bicep curl in your squat.  stand up, then move the kettlebell behind your head a perform a single tricep extension. Come back down into the squat and repeat.

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Decompression: 1 round

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Kneeling Forearm Stretch x 1 minute

Starting on your knees, place your hand under your shoulders. Turn your palms back pointing your fingers towards your knees and walk your hands forward and back trailing your hand from your fingertips to your palm slow and steady. Try to get a deep stretch in the forearms.


Floor Scorpion, Alternating x 1 Minute

Lay face down and extend both arm out to your sides. Lift one foot up and then step over to your opposite side, bending your knee. Squeeze your butt and lift your knee back, pressing into the outside edge of your foot and reach in the opposite direction with your hand. Take a couple deep breaths in this stretch and then alternate sides slow and steady.


Thoracic Bridge, Alternating x 1 Minute

Start by sitting face up, palms behind your back and legs bent. Bridge your hips up keeping them level and reach with one hand across your chest. Reach far and get a deep stretch in your thoracic, all while keeping your hips from rotating. Alternate sides by pulling your arm back in and and sitting your hips close to the floor before switching.


Standing Lateral Spine Roll x 1 Minute

Starts by folding at the hips. Let your head hang and keep a soft bend in the knees. Lean your spine to one side and shift your weight to the opposite hip. Use your inside arm to press against the inside of your leg and turn you opposite elbow to the sky. Try to get a deep stretch in your low back and then turn back down to the floor and hang your head and alternate sides.

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