1.1 Week 1: Tuesday- Strength Workout: Full Body: Press, Push, Pull, Vertical, Single Leg Work


Joint Mobility Follow Along | Perform 1 Round Each Exercise

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Pelvic Tilt
Description: stand in a tall neutral stance. Tuck your pelvis under by squeezing your butt and then tuck your pelvis back sticking your butt out.

Lateral Pelvic Tilt
Description: Stand in a tall neutral stance. Keep a soft bend in both knees and lift one hip up and one down. Bend the knee of the hip that you lift up and connect your hip right to your ribs and alternate sides.

Hip Circles
Description: squeeze your butt and tuck your pelvis under, then lift your hip laterally to one side, then tuck back, then lateral lift to other side. Circle your hips around smoothly.

Lateral Spine Glide
Description: stack your forearms and shift side to side, gliding your ribs over your hips. Try not to move your hips but section your upper body over your lower body.

Spinal Flexion and Extension
Description: in a standing position with your pelvis tucked under inhale and open your chest wide, chin to sky, extending your spine. Exhale and tuck your chin to your chest, round your shoulders, flexing your spine. Alternate between flexing and extending your spine.

Lateral Spinal Flexión
Description: Bend one arm and point it up and lift the other arm and point it down. Reach the hand pointing up, up and over your head in one direction and the hand that is pointing down in the opposite direction. Create as much distance as you can from the fingertips on one hand and the fingertips on the other hand. Reach as far as you can in opposite directions. Alternate sides and reach 10 times in each direction.

Neck Juts and Tucks
Description: Stick your chin forward and then tuck it back getting long through your spine.

Neck Glides
Description: Standing in a tall neutral stance, glide your head shoulder to shoulder.

Arm Screws
Description: Lift your arms out to your side palms up and open. Rotate one palm all the way around, rotating the same side shoulder in its pocket as you look and reach with your other arm in the opposite direction. Shrug the rotating shoulder and roll it up and over your chest/pec and dip it towards the floor as you reach palm open in the opposite direction. Alternate sides and you can even dip at the knees to help drive the shoulder further to the floor getting deeper into your stretch.

Arm Circles
Description: Lift both arms ups, one in front and one in the back. Reach as far as you can in opposite directions and then draw big circles with your arms. Keep reaching in opposite directions as you reach through the middle (both arms are horizontal) to help open up your mid back. Circle in both directions, backward and forwards.

Elbow Circles
Description: Hold your arms out in front of you, circle your forearms in and then point your thumbs out, try and bring your elbows together as you circle your hands out as wide as you can. Perform 5 circles in one direction and then 5 in the other direction.

Paint the Fence
Description: Hold your arms out in front of you and then lift your wrist up as high as you can, flexing your wrist, then lower your wrist as low as you can, extending your wrists. Flex and extend your wrist up and down for 5 to 10 reps.

Hang Loose Shake
Description: Bend your three middle fingers in, pointing your pinkies and thumbs out. Laterally shake your wrists quickly and loosely. Shake it around for 10 to 20 shakes.

Forward Leg Swings
Description: Stand tall with a proud chest. Keep your core tight and swing on leg forward and up, kick your leg straight and then swing it back down and bend at the knee when your knee meets your other knee. Kick your butt and repeat. Try not to arch your back and stay as tall as you can.

Lateral Leg Lift
Description: Stand tall and lift one leg up to the side as high as you can. Try not to lean to the opposite side. Press through your rooted foot to stabilize and try not to swing your leg up but lift it with intention. Perform 10 slow and controlled reps on each side.

Knee circles
Description: Grab your knees and draw big circles with them. Trail the outside edges of your feet. Draw as big of circles as you can. Perform 5 knee circles in one direction then 5 in the other direction.

Ankle Rolls
Description: Start in a standing position, turn your feet away from each other at about a 90-degree angle. Pivot on your foot and tuck your toes under and roll your ankle putting only as much pressure as you feel comfortable with. Stretch the ankle as your twist the rest of your body with the pivot and alternate sides slow and steady.


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Warm Up|3 Sets Minimal Rest in Between Sets

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Warm Up: 3 Sets Minimal Rest in Between Sets

Kettlebell Halo x 5 Reps Each Side
In a standing position, hold the kettlebell upside down by the horns and rotate it around your head from shoulder to shoulder, alternating sides. Go deep behind the navel of your neck. Keep a tight core and focus on loosening up your shoulders.

Ball Slam x 5 Reps
Start with the ball in your belly. Hop back into a fully extended position on your toes, extend your ankles, knees and hips. Explosively jump forward and into a slight squat as you slam the ball as hard as you can to the floor.

Push Ups x 10 Reps
Start in a plank position. Tuck your belly button to your spine, core tight. Stack your shoulders over wrists, maintain forward pressure. Straight line from your heels to your head. Pull yourself down with your elbows out at 45 degree angles from your body. Down slow and then up fast.


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Work Set 1 | 5 Sets, Rest 1 to 2 Minutes in Between Sets

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Work Set 1: 5 Sets, Rest 1 to 2 Minutes in Between Sets

Barbell Overhead Press x 10 Reps
Hold the barbell in the rack position, stacking your wrist over your elbows and elbows over your hips. Engage your lats, and then press the barbell all the way overhead. Pull the barbell back down slow and controlled using your lats as your base. Try not flare your ribs or overextend your back at the top of the rep.

Band Crossover Pulldowns x 10 Reps

Use two resistance bands and hang them overhead from a bar. Hold each band with the
opposite hand and pull them down crossing your arms back to your sides. Lead with your elbows and engage your lats.

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Work Set 2 |5 Sets, Rest 1 to 2 Minutes in Between Sets

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Work Set 2: 5 Sets, Rest 1 to 2 Minutes in Between Sets

Barbell Reverse Lunge x 5 Reps Each Leg
Load the barbell onto your back, step back into a reverse lunge, stack your shoulders over your hips and your hips over your back. Tap your knee to the ground, try to prevent any jarring in your structure. Inhale as you go down to help brace your core. Step back up bringing your feet together and then alternate sides.

Wide Grip Pull Downs x 10 Reps
Grip a pull down bar overhand grip with your hands wider than shoulder width apart. Keep your core tight and pull the bar down, pull your chin over the bar. Get a deep squeeze in your lats and try to keep the reps tight and strict.

Double Kettlebell Push Press x 10 Reps

Hold two kettlebells in the rack position. Keep your core tight and dip the knees and push the kettlebells overhead, generating power from the floor up using your legs. Own the rep at the top of the overhead position by fully extending your elbows and lower the kettlebell back down into your rack position slow and steady.

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Work Set 3 | 3: 5 Sets, Rest 1 to 2 Minutes in Between Sets

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Work Set 3: 5 Sets, Rest 1 to 2 Minutes in Between Sets

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x 10 Reps Each Side
Start in a split stance position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the kettlebell in the racked position on the same side as your front leg. Keep a tight core and long spine as you descend into a squat. Come back up and repeat. Switch sides.

Barbell Wide Push Up to Row x 10 Reps
Start in a push up position with your hands outside shoulder width apart. Perform a push up keeping your core tight and then hop up to your feet and perform a row. Squeeze your lats and middle back. Lower the bar back to the ground and repeat.

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Decompression & Cool Down Follow Along | 1 Round Each Exercise

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Decompression:1 Round Each Exercise

Kneeling Spine Wave x 1 Minute

Start on your knees. Sit your butt back towards your heels, extend your arms out in front of you, extend your spine here, sinking your head, chest and shoulders down towards the floor. Inhale as your in the back position and then exhale and flex your spine as you shift your weight forward and then inhale and drop your hips and lift your chin to the sky, chest up and shoulders back. Move forward and back waving through your spine. Keep your arms straight throughout the whole set.

Alternating Shoulder Drop x 1 Minute

Get on your knees. Spread your hands wide. Lean into one palm, bending your elbow as you drive your opposite shoulder down towards the floor. Move slow and steady, creating a mindful stretch in your chest, shoulders and neck.

Alternating Floor Scorpion x 1 Minute

Lay face down and extend both arms out to your sides. Lift one foot up and then step over to your opposite side, bending your knee. Squeeze your butt and lift your knee back, pressing into the outside edge of your foot and reach in the opposite direction with your hand. Take a couple deep breaths in this stretch and then alternate sides slow and steady.

Shin box switch to twist x 1 minute

Start in a shinbox position and then shift your knees to one side. Twist your torso towards the direction you shifted as if you are performing a push up over the top of your thigh. Alternate sides slow and steady.

Pigeon Hold x 1 Minute Each Side

Bring one shin across your hips and straighten your back leg and untuck your back toes. Hinge at the hips to get a deep stretch in your hip, inhale tuck your pelvis back and extend your spine.

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Today’s Workout is Complete, Great Job!

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