12-Week Personalized Workout Program

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Stop wasting your time with one-size-fits-all workouts, training programs, and YouTube workouts. This 12-week kettlebell workout program will help you transform your body.

Eric Leija’s kettlebell workout programs were developed to give your body exactly what it needs. Through fun and effective workouts, you’ll achieve your fitness goals and exceed fitness levels. Age, physical limitations, range of motion, and past injuries will all be addressed to create a customized plan. Don’t just browse through YouTube videos, only putting in half the effort. Get consistent results and achieve the look you’ve wanted.

Eric Leija wants to motivate you to pursue your goals through effective kettlebell workout programs. These workouts are convenient and affordable, making it possible to see real results.

  • Burn Massive Calories & Fat
  • Build Lean Muscle & Tighten Your Body
  • Improve Strength, Flexibility, & Posture
  • Break Through Plateaus & Personal Records
  • Give Your Entire Body A Complete Workout Fast
  • Radically Transform & Enhance Your Entire Physique



Push your training to the primal edge with the 12-Week online training program. Offering 3 months of online support & specialized workouts to drive your fitness goals beyond your expectations.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, professional athlete, or someone who’s struggling to break free of your current physique, Eric’s dynamic online training works wonders. His cutting-edge techniques, special methods, and workouts get the job done. The 12-Week training program is designed specifically around your fitness goals. Weekly interactions & guidance from Eric through our online chat system and a 15-min setup phone call.


  • 12-Week Personalized Fitness Program Designed to Meet Your Fitness Goals
  • Complete a New Client Intake Form With Any Personalized Program
  • 15-Minute Initial Consultation If More Information Is Necessary
  • Personalized Training Program Designed To Achieve Your Goals
  • Convenient, Affordable, World-Class Coaching – Anywhere, Anytime
  • Plans Available For All – Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced

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