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After 7 years of training and developing customized kettlebell workout programs for professional athletes, celebrities, and personal clients, Eric set out to create the perfect course.

PKC is designed to give anyone access to first class training while helping people have fun and transform their bodies with proven, effective, full body kettlebell workouts at an affordable price. The course provides anyone the opportunity to achieve the same results as they would gain if training with Eric in person.


Though popular for centuries, more people use kettlebells today than ever before for fast, effective results. Proven to burn massive calories, build muscle, and enhance flexibility. Kettlebells engage your entire body with dynamic high-intensity training. PKC offers you fun, fast, superior kettlebell workouts designed to simultaneously:

  • Melt Stubborn Fat
  • Torch Loads Of Calories
  • Boost Lean Muscle Tone & Improve Mobility
  • Workout Anywhere, Anytime
  • Safe Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Gain Strength, Mass, & Aerobic Capacity


5+ hours total of high-quality, high-definition video with expert instruction – compared to only 45 minutes offered by others. Access it anywhere, anytime, with any device.


Everything you need accessible all in one place. Warm-up, prep, breathing, mobility, movements, complexes, flows, decompressions, cool downs, targeted muscle group exercises, & more.

(2 Course Options)


Shred unwanted fat, build muscle, gain strength, get fit, & transform your entire body into an attractive physique that’s envied by co-workers, friends, & neighbors.


Developed by the King of Kettlebells, Eric Leija, this training helps you develop peak fitness and reap the full rewards by focusing on proper form. With more than 150 high-def videos and Eric’s in-depth workout program, you get the comprehensive instruction necessary to totally transform your body, boost your performance, and enjoy the process.

The Primal Kettlebell Course (PKC) gives you the ultimate full-body workout as you follow along legendary trainer Eric Leija’s revolutionary one of a kind system, techniques, and videos.

Experience cutting-edge, versatile, and hard-hitting workouts once exclusively only available to Eric’s celebrity and private clients. Transform your entire body, torch calories, burn fat and build muscle in just minutes a day – anytime, anywhere.

$299 $199 Special Offer
  • A One Time Purchase With Lifetime Access
  • Master The Kettlebell & My Flows & Complexes
  • 150+ HD Instructional Videos & Text Descriptions
  • Pay In Full & SAVE 15% - All Features Are Listed Below
  • Receive Free T-Shirt & PKC Certificate Upon Completion
$499 $249 Special Offer
  • Everything Included In The PKC Plus...
  • + Upload 25+ Videos of Yourself Performing Exercises
  • + Receive Online Coaching From Eric Using Chat System
  • + All Features Are Listed Below
  • Receive Free T-Shirt & PKC Certificate Upon Completion



  • Enjoy 150+ High Definition Instructional Videos
  • Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Levels
  • Safely Master Movements & Exercises
  • Discover & Enhance Mobility & Durability Movements
  • Understand & Reveal Preparation & Breathing Techniques
  • Master The Fundamental Functional Movement Patterns
  • Discover How To Sequence Your Own Complexes & Flows
  • Access The Course Anywhere, Anytime, 24/7
  • Explore & Learn Decompression & Cool Down Methods
  • Get Eric’s Primal Kettlebell 4-Week Workout Program
  • Exclusive Access To Eric’s Private Course Group
  • Gain Instant Access To The Members Only Content Area on


  • Upload Over 25+ Videos Of Yourself Performing The Fundamental Functional Movement Patterns.
  • Receive 1-ON-1 Coaching & Critiques From Eric On Each Of The 25+ Videos You Upload.



  1. Introduction! Introduce you to Eric, the history of the kettlebell & Eric’s training history. Understand & learn why you should be incorporating kettlebell training into your workout routine. Gain detailed insight into what exactly is included in the Primal Kettlebell Course & what tools you will need to complete the course.


  1. Safety & Precautions! Learn the proper safety precautions you should be implementing when using kettlebells. Everything from footwear, what the right starting weight for you is, how to properly pick up and put down the kettlebell, where you should be lifting the kettlebell and lastly, understanding your limits.


  1. Anatomy of the kettlebell! Learn the Anatomy of the kettlebell, the different types of kettlebells & which I recommend. Also, learn the proper grips and ready positions that should be performed when using a kettlebell.


  1. Take your kettlebell warm up to the next level! Learn different Kettlebell warm up and preparation techniques. We will cover everything from breathing and the different techniques I recommend. I will give you examples on how to properly maintain your structure, brace your core, and prepare you for your kettlebell workout.


  1. Be MORE Mobile! Understand the importance of mobility and durability. Learn different joint mobility and durability sequences that encompass open chain mobility, closed chain mobility, animal movement patterns, and how to combine them all into one workout.


  1. Learn Proper Form & Technique! You will learn how to perform the 9 foundational fundamental functional movement patterns needed to properly perform each movement. You will learn beginner, moderate, & advanced levels of each movement pattern & also be tested with a challenged at the end of each movement pattern section to see how well you’ve mastered the each movement. Upload videos of yourself performing the exercises from this section if you purchase the premium option.


  1. Complexes & How to Build Them! Learn how to build kettlebell complexes like Eric does in his videos. Kettlebell complexes are 2 or more exercises strung together to form a circuit or workout. Each individual exercises reps are completed before moving on to the next exercise in the complex (this differs from flows, in that flows are usually a single rep of a movement sequenced together with a single rep of one or more movements back to back).


  1. Flows & How to Sequence Them! Learn how to sequence kettlebell flows like Eric does in his videos. A kettlebell flow is 2 or more exercises, string together & performed one rep of each movement back to back in a fluid sequence (differs from complexes because complex exercises are broken up individually & performed for more than one rep at a time & not as fluid in transitions between exercises).


  1. Decompress & Cool Down! Ever wonder how Eric is able to train at the level he does?  Decompression & cool downs play a big role in his training routines but it seems to be one of the most overlooked parts of training for most people. We’ll train to adapt our bodies/muscle tissue to be able to move better, faster, & be stronger. Learning proper decompression & cool down techniques will improve your training & overall well being. Learn Eric’s techniques & train at his level!


  1. My Favorite Exercises For Each Muscle Group! One of Eric’s most frequently asked questions is what his favorite kettlebell exercises are for each specific muscle group. In this lesson, you will learn his favorite exercises and how to properly perform.


  1. 4-Week Workout Program! Take what you’ve learned from the Eric’s Primal Kettlebell Course and implement it into this 4-week workout I’ve put together and included for all course takers!


  1. Test What You’ve Learned! You will have the opportunity to complete a short written assessment to test your knowledge and what you’ve from the Primal Kettlebell Course. If you complete and receive a passing score you will receive a FREE T-shirt.


  1. What You’ll Need! For this course, all you need is one Kettlebell. If you’re unsure what weight to use, for Women, the commonly recommended weight is somewhere between 6Kg-16Kg and can be higher depending on fitness level. For men, a good starting weight usually ranges between 16Kg-24Kg and can be higher depending on fitness level. If you’re unsure please get in contact with us & we’ll guide you to the ideal weight you should be using.


  1. Buy Premium & Unlock These Features! Upload over 25+ videos of yourself performing the fundamental functional movement patterns. Also, receive 1-ON-1 coaching & critiques from Eric on each of the 25+ videos you upload to your account.



We share your passion for fitness, health, diet and overall total human optimization. We are thankful for the opportunity to be able to share Eric’s knowledge and passions here with you! offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! We are confident that Eric’s guidance, Primal Kettlebell Course and other training content offered will exceed your expectations and will help you gain the results you’ve been seeking. Our system will help you be more organized and productive with both your training and in your personal life. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied at any time within the first 30 days of your purchase contact [email protected] and we will work to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.


Your Safety & Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority.


We commit to providing the best quality training available while delivering and organizing it for you all in one place. Accessible anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Our team is always here to help! Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You can have confidence in how quickly we will respond to a support request.


We are confident you will get what you pay for and more. If you feel we have failed to meet our commitment, email us at [email protected] within your first 30 days of purchase and we’ll do everything in our power to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.



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