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If you’re reading this then you’re ready to transform your mind, body, and life into its optimal form.  After 7 years of training and developing customized kettlebell courses and workout programs for professional athletes, celebrities, and personal clients, I set out to create the perfect program.  PKC is designed to give anyone access to first class training while helping people have fun and transform their bodies with proven, effective, full body kettlebell workouts at an affordable price. The course provides anyone the opportunity to achieve the same results as they would gain if training with me in person.

Though popular for centuries, more people use kettlebells today than ever before for fast, effective results. Proven to burn massive calories, build muscle, and enhance flexibility. Kettlebells engage your entire body with dynamic high-intensity training. PKC offers you fun, fast, superior kettlebell workouts designed to simultaneously:

  • Melt Stubborn Fat
  • Torch Loads Of Calories
  • Boost Lean Muscle Tone & Improve Mobility
  • Workout Anywhere, Anytime
  • Safe Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Gain Strength, Mass, & Aerobic Capacity

Push yourself and add stressors to your body, you will see results but don’t let that be your main focus. Be consistent, recover strong, and diet well. There are no more excuses. Let’s get it in.

Eric Leija

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