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The Primal Swoledier Community is over 100,000+ strong and growing. Our community consists of amazing fitness enthusiast located all over the world dedicated to optimizing their life through Fitness, Health, Diet & Nutrition.

Our member’s content area is your FREE fitness & diet platform designed to easily access and organize all your free and paid content in one place via mobile device or computer. Whether you are a professional athlete, personal trainer, or just your everyday fitness enthusiast looking for something new to spice up your workout routine, we have the tools you need to help you unleash your primal greatness!

Our mission is to create health & fitness related content that promotes all fitness enthusiasts alike to think outside of the “traditional” confined fitness movements, exercises, and tools to incorporate an unconventional training approach to their exercise routines.

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Join the conversations with Eric and the rest of the Primal Community for FREE today!

  • No Cost to Join
  • Create & Join Conversations, Ask Questions
  • Form New Connections With Like Minded People
  • Free & Purchasable Content 
  • Organized & Easily Accessible


Developed by the King of Kettlebells, Eric Leija, these kettlebell courses help you develop peak fitness and reap the full rewards by focusing on proper form. With more than 150 high-def videos and Eric’s video workout program, you get the comprehensive instruction necessary to totally transform your body, boost your performance, and enjoy the process.

  • Eric’s Primal Kettlebell Course (PKT) gives you the ultimate full-body workout as you follow along legendary trainer Eric Leija’s revolutionary one of a kind system, techniques, and videos.
  • Join the primal community, purchase & access the course, & transform your entire body and build muscle in just minutes a day – anytime, anywhere.


Join the community and purchase Eric’s Personalized Primal Online Training 4, 8, or 12-week program unlike anything out there. Nothing else compares. No BS. No shortcuts. No nonsense. Purchase your personalized kettlebell course, access your personalized plan, upload videos, and communicate with Eric about each video you upload.

  • Specially-designed training program created just for you by Eric himself
  • Expert weekly one-on-one guidance and critiques from Eric on the videos you upload using our built-in messaging system. 
  • Improve strength, flexibility, and posture
  • Breakthrough plateaus and personal records


Join the primal community and browse free and purchasable instructional daily workouts and programs in the Workouts Section by simply creating your FREE account now. Primal Kettlebell Training videos have something for everyone (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and every goal.

  • Free & Paid Content
  • Daily Workouts & Programs
  • Ask questions and get answers from the community


Avoid the fatigue, binges, plateaus, and injuries suffered by millions with bad nutritional habits – who don’t know what or how to eat to get in shape and stay there. Take your kettlebell courses, results, and energy through the roof with a proven yet uncomplicated way to tackle nutrition, meal prep, and eating. Purchase your diet plan and access your plan in the Dolce Diet Section of the members content area.

  • DELICIOUS: Get results, burn fat, and build muscle as you enjoy great-tasting meals every day without being a professional chef – even if you hate cooking.
  • SIMPLE: Crack the nutrition code without counting every calorie and macro. Build lifelong healthy eating habits with tasty foods and straightforward meal prep.
  • PROVEN: Tap into the world’s premier athletic nutritionist’s expertise and a team of dieticians for optimum training, results, and body transformation.
  • GUIDED: Receive step by step guidance over the 8-weeks from the Eric along with Dolce Dieticians using our built-in messaging system.


Browse our blog filled with informative articles related to fitness, health, diet & nutrition.

  • Educate yourself on the latest fitness, health, & nutritional topics
  • Engage With Community members on discussions related to the post
  • Educate your friends and family & share our post with your external network


The Groups section of the community was designed for the community to create topic specific conversations related to fitness, health, nutrition, and any other topics we’d like to discuss amongst the primal community members and Eric. We want to build a community where people can interact and engage so that working out brings people together to help motivate, inspire, and learn from each other to help us all achieve our desired fitness goals.

  • Create Your Own Groups
  • Join Other Groups
  • Request Access to Private Groups
  • Meet & Connect with Like Minded People
  • Educate Yourself & The Community 


When you create your account on, you will automatically have a personal profile created for yourself. You will instantly be able to access primal news, connect with new friends and have the capability to chat and engage with like-minded fitness enthusiast who have joined the primal community. Also, you are quickly able to stay caught up with conversations you missed from friends and other community members by browsing through the activity section.

  • Meet Like Minded People
  • Forge New Friendships
  • Keep Up & Engage With Friends & Community Members Activity


  • Learning is a lifelong journey of adventure and exploration and you never know what you might find on your travels! To help you celebrate your milestones and keep track of your efforts on, we are in the process of creating an achievement/badges system to reward you for being active in our primal community. Everyone will have the opportunity to gain badges and earn points which can be used to purchase paid content. We know your newfound knowledge is probably enough of a reward, but who doesn’t love a chance to win some stuff while learning?
  • You can earn badges for completing kettlebell courses, programs, participating in groups, sharing our community with your broader networks and lending your support to other students in the primal community. It’s up to you whether you use them as a little reward for your hard work, a way to get paid content for free or compete with your friends and other primal community members.

Whatever your motivation, the more you get involved with The Primal Community, the more badges you’ll earn and the more FREE stuff you’ll win. Not to mention you’ll have community bragging rights! 

Badges = Points = Credits! Use the credits you earn to purchase content that’s for sale in the Members Content Area – COMING SOON!


Primal Online Training is all about you. You get personally customized workouts, coaching, and critiques from the ultimate kettlebell authority, Eric Leija.

Everything is tailored to your unique goals and fitness level. It works for anyone, anywhere around the globe – even if you have a hectic schedule, little time, or frequent travels. It’s all specifically designed to unleash the primal inside you. There are only a limited number of spots available. So, reserve yours now. 

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