Workout Overview | Start Today’s Workout July 30, 2019 : Kettlebell and Bodyweight

The focus of this workout is kettlebell and bodyweight conditioning. Make sure you work hard during the work and earn your rest. Each circuit is meant to be performed with all out effort but quality technique! Push yourself but don’t sacrifice form for more reps! Good luck!


  • Joint Mobility Circuit
  • Movement Preparation Circuit
  • Primary Circuit
  • Secondary Circuit
  • Finisher
  • Decompression & Cool Downs

I aim to empower you in your pursuit of excellence. I continually do my best to develop the best daily workouts and workout programs and share them here weekly via the monthly subscription service. These workouts and programs are designed to provide results of the highest degree in different goal-oriented methods. Start this workout today & follow along legendary trainer Eric Leija’s revolutionary one of a kind system, workouts, & instruction.

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