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    Hi all. Any suggestions for lower back stretches? I do yoga a couple times per week, but still struggle with tightness in my lower back that tends to cause me issues doing swings. I’m pretty picky about my technique so I don’t THINK that’s an issue, and I do warm up before a workout, but haven’t had much luck finding the right stretch for my…[Read more]

    • So to answer my own question, in case anyone is interested, it was all about technique. I reviewed Eric’s videos on the swing and paid close attention to what I was doing, and it turns out I wasn’t keeping my core tight enough. Was releasing my core and putting too much strain on my lower spine. All better!

      • I also had lower back issues. what helped me immensely was “smashing” my QL with a lacrosse ball. do it everyday for 3-4 days and you will notice the difference. also do KB windmills to strengthen the QL

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