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Don’t let anything stand in your way, whether you’re using kettlebells for the first time OR trying to master proper warmups,


Here’s what you’ll get with this FREE 4-week kettlebell video program:

  • ESSENTIAL KETTLEBELL WARMUP: Reduce your chances of injuries. Discover how the King of Kettlebells Eric Leija warms up for safety, enhanced full body mobility, and durability. Kickstart your kettlebell workout by effectively warming up and improving mobility in all your joints (neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, wrists, elbows, upper and lower pelvis, knees, and ankles).
  • PROPER KETTLEBELL SWING: “Swing” sounds simple. However, kettlebell swings are a bit more complex than just swinging a kettlebell up and down. Learn, improve, and master kettlebell swings with professional instruction from elite trainer Eric Leija. Avoid common mistakes and reap all the benefits of this awesome movement.
  • OPTIMUM DECOMPRESSION: One of the celebrated therapeutic benefits of a high-quality kettlebell program is spinal decompression. Champion athletes, trainers, and physical therapists love kettlebell swings for better back health. Follow along as kettlebell expert Eric Leija shows you how to properly decompress for a healthier, stronger back.
  • CRITICAL COOLDOWN: The kettlebell cooldown is as important as your warmup and every other part of your workout. Make it a priority and experience greater results. Let Eric Leija take you through the same effective cooldown sequences he and his private clients use to relax, release muscles, and restore their bodies at the end of a kettlebell workout.

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