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If you’re reading this then you’re ready to transform your mind, body, and life into its optimal form. With your subscription, you’ll have access to programs made up of 12 tried and tested NEW workouts programmed 5 days per week, every month. These are the workouts that I use in my training and with my clients and am now sharing here with you.

These 4-week programmed daily workouts are designed to be executed starting at the first of every month. If you want to train like an athlete and look like one too then these programs are for you. The workouts are designed to fit your needs. Every month I program 4 full gym workouts, 4 kettlebell workouts, and 4 bodyweight only workouts. So, if you’re on the road or at home or short on time and don’t have access to a full gym then you can sub out your daily workout with one of the kettlebell or bodyweight workouts without skipping a beat.

Push yourself and add stressors to your body, you will see results but don’t let that be your main focus. Be consistent, recover strong, and diet well. There are no more excuses. Let’s get it in.

Eric Leija


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