Primal Kettlebell Course

The Primal Kettlebell Course (PKC) gives you the ultimate full-body workout as you follow along legendary trainer Eric Leija’s revolutionary one of a kind system, techniques, and videos.

Experience cutting-edge, versatile, and hard-hitting workouts once exclusively only available to Eric’s celebrity and private clients. Transform your entire body, torch calories, burn fat and build muscle in just minutes a day – anytime, anywhere.

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Maurice Hart
Posted 4 months ago
Excellent content *****

Being in the game for over 20 years I've never really ventured into kettlebell training I always wanted to but there isn't much happening in my area which is why I'm so glad i found this course!! Eric has created a perfect learning platform covering everything from the basics of each movement to advanced concepts of putting together your own complexes/flows/programmes! Worth every Penny/Cent 😉

Scott91 Scott91
Posted 4 months ago
Worth every penny

Awesome course. Eric breaks everything down into steps, explaining and demonstrating everything. You can tell a lot of thought and planning went into laying this course out. The workouts are intense but doable. Highly recommended!

Florian Puschmann
Posted 6 months ago
From basic to advanced this course got you covered

I was a kettlebell novice when I got this course and feel fully confident now. The technique is well described and the different Programms offer anything from basic to challenging exercises. I also love the section on warm up and cool down. I can only agree with many others no regrets .... just ordered a second kettlebell now to attack the double kettlebell exercises 🙂

Posted 7 months ago
Excellent Course

I'm so impressed with Eric's course- clear instruction, comprehensive moves, very easy to modify based on level, and an incredible workout! Plus, I learned some new warm-up moves I now incorporate into my daily stretch routine- best $ I've ever spent on a fitness course!

Tyler Shapiro
Posted 7 months ago
Amazing course!

This course will take you from a kettlebell novice to a master! I learned so much and Eric was an incredible instructor! For anyone interested in adding kettlebells to there workout regime, I highly recommend this course!

Posted 8 months ago
Learned So Much!!!

When I started this course I had never used a Kettlebell. Now that I've completed it I feel super comfortable using them and can even do the flows you see in Eric's social media posts! Would highly recommend this to everyone!

Thomas Mangalam
Posted 8 months ago
Highly Recommended!

I have been training for 20 years and this program is one of the finest I've taken. Eric has thoroughly demonstrated and explained all of the moves for all fitness levels. I am particularly impressed by his emphasis on mobility. The combination or strength, mobility, and cardio training is essential for success. I look forward to practicing what I've done and learning more from Eric!

Facebook Profile photo Mpritts88
Posted 10 months ago

No ragrets

Ayrton Neto
Posted 10 months ago
Very comprehensive!

Professional grade material. Strongly recommend.

Conor McCabe
Posted 11 months ago
Awesome program

I have been exploring kettlebell/bodyweight programs for a few years now, and stumbled upon the Primal One during Onnits KB program. This program feels like an extension/addition to Onnits. It gives you the tools you need to create a great program and he gives very clear, concise directions for each exercise. These workouts can be as easy or tough as you need them to be.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

12 thoughts on “Primal Kettlebell Course

  1. Great content, thorough and easy to pick up concepts/movements – workouts challenging and scalable, could not have asked for a better way to go as I converted from gym to garage during this pandemic – lifelong fan

  2. Awesome Workouts! The course was informative, challenging and never boring. Learned so much about the kettle bell and what your able to do with them to build a better body. Highly recommend!

  3. Awesome course!!! It gave me a better understanding of the kettlebell fundamentals and how to care of myself to avoid injuries. Thank you Eric, you are the best, The Primal King of the Kettlebell!!!

  4. Eric doesn’t explicitly explain how he creates programs or complexes, but this is not a kettlebell trainer course, it is an end-user kettlebell course. By taking this course you will surely level up your kettlebell game and get the most juice out of the kettlebells you have at home and at the gym.
    This course starts at the very beginning, like the history and anatomy of kettlebells. But then it builds to trainer knowledge regarding fitness, like mobility and how to warm-up. Finally, the bulk of the course is a detailed look at about 50 different moves, flows, and complexes that you can do with kettlebells, including targeted muscle systems, important cues, and variations for beginner to advanced athletes. It is very complete. After that you get to sample a kettlebell program, so if you paid attention you will recognize all the previously studied elements.
    Bottom line: Highly recommended for everyone who has access to a kettlebell!

  5. Eric’s PKC was phenomenal! I enjoy taking this course because Eric’s methodology is thorough, to the point and easy to follow. As a previous kettlebell user I found myself learning how to use kettlebell movements for all fitness levels and refine the ones I already knew. This experience will enhance my own kettlebell teaching. I loved this course! and highly recommend it to everyone that wants to take their training to another level. Thank you Eric!

    1. Yohanna, thank you for such high praise and glad you enjoyed the program so much. This is exactly why i structured it the way I did! Thanks for your support and keep crushing it!

  6. I love the program. I got it a couple years back, but recently revisited it. Well thought out and masterfully explained!! Thanks a million, my man!! You’ve made a big difference in my game!!

  7. I’ve had some kettlebells at home for years. I dabbled here and there but never learned proper techniques. I took the opportunity during the COVID-19 lockdown to learn the kettlebell. After reviewing many programs, I choose the Primal Kettlebell course. The content started at the history, proper techniques, to foundational movements, and then moved into KB complexes and KB flows. I was most surprised and impressed with the warm-ups, cool downs and mobility-durability. I recommend this course to anyone who is new to the KB or wanting to refine their skills.

  8. I have learned that I really appreciate taking the time to do the mobility offered in the course besides the techniques. I feel like I have the foundation to continue injury free and to keep practicing with my kettlebells without getting bored. I have used kettlebells sporadically off and on over the years but bored easily without the mindset and understanding of what goes into complexes and flows. This added a new level of instruction that I didn’t realize I was missing.

    1. Lawless, I’m glad to hear you’re also enjoying the mobility, it’s so good for you with recovery time between your workouts as well! I hope you’re crushing those complexes and flows with a new found appreciation for the kettlebell. Keep gettin’ those gains!

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