8-Week Single Kettlebell Video Program

This 8 week workout program combines single kettlebell and bodyweight exercises to help you get fit fast. The imbalance load and versatility of the kettlebell and various mobility based bodyweight movements will help you become a more well rounded athlete. This 8 week single kettlebell program is broken up into 10 workouts scheduled out for 8 weeks. There are 4 workouts focused on muscle building and toning, 4 workouts for cardio and conditioning, and 2 workouts focused on mobility and durability.

Each workout will be performed multiple times throughout the 8 weeks. I have arranged the workouts in such a way as to help you train hard but also recover strong so that you can continue to see results throughout the whole program while minimizing the negative adaptations of training.

Some workouts are upper body focused, and some full body. I have included some of my favorite training tactics to help vary the intensity of your workouts without having to go heavier in weight or train for longer periods of time.

My goal with this program is to help anyone get a safe and effective workout anywhere while in the or when short on time.

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Juan Landeros
Posted 3 months ago
The Results Speak for Themselves

This program is well rounded. The workouts are a combination of kettle bell, body weight, and stretching exercises. In 2 months I added significant, muscle mass, slimmed down and increase my mobility. Minor issues with editing, workout timer doesn't always sink with the workouts, and you either have to memorize or run back each video. Easy work arounds. Highly recommend this program!

Posted 4 months ago
Creative and sustainable

The 8 week program is fantastic. It requires so little--just a kettlebell, and a minimal amount of space--yet it is extremely creative. The workouts are dynamic, and the warm-ups/decompression specific to each workout do a great job of prepping you and making you feel good after the workout. I was genuinely impressed with how fun this program was, and highly recommend it!

Posted 7 months ago
How is this program not getting more buzz?

I cannot speak highly enough of this program's emphasis on incorporating mobility into the actual workout circuits. I haven't had the best experience with Onnit affiliated products (their Alpha Brain supplements did nothing for me), but Eric Leija is the truth. Love this program! Well worth the price!

Facebook Profile photo Kim
Posted 8 months ago
Repeating the program for a 2nd time!

I recommend this as long as you know how to use a kettlebell properly! I'm not an athlete, but had to modify some KB & bodyweight moves. Lost about 8-9 lbs. I feel 10x better after each workout even though I've wanted to quit so many times LOL. But my clothes fit better and I got stronger w/ the moves as the weeks went by. I do wish he showed modified moves but my body figured it out. Thx Eric!

Tessa Spivak Tessa Spivak
Posted 8 months ago

Hi Kim,
Great to hear that the program worked for you. I am newish to KB and am contemplating getting this program. I’m curious with your comment regarding modified moves. So the program doesn’t show modified moves for a beginner, intermediate or advance? Thank you!

Adam McMurtry
Posted 8 months ago
Incredible Program

I can't recommend this course enough! Tons of variation, and really well rounded routines whether it's your first time with kettlebells, or if you're experienced. Will definitely do this course again with heavier weights for round 2! Awesome workouts!

Posted 1 year ago
Well into Second Week

Your killing me Eric, in a good way. I'm 58 and been going to the gym for years. I've hit a plateau with weights and elliptical machines. Then the gyms closed due to Covid. This routine is a life saver. I am sore in place I din't know still existed. I'm more bendy than I have been in years. So glad I found this program. I might not be going back to the gym at all. I can't say thank you enough.

Posted 1 year ago
Effective Program

This is a very effective program as I wanted to increase my kettlebell work and this gave me the fundamentals and some very effective flows to work through. I will definitely run this program again and expect even more progress!! Well done Eric!!

Posted 1 year ago
Reached My Fitness Goals!

I'm so glad I've came across Eric, and more importantly kettlebells lol. I've gotten a lot more fit ever since buying Eric's content. He definitely knows what he's doing and it feels really good working with these exercises. They're very diverse and keeps you from getting bored. I highly recommend it!

Posted 1 year ago

Great workout

Derek Johnson
Posted 2 years ago
Well rounded and killer program

This single bell program is one of my favorites that I have done! Eric does a great job of explaining all the movements, and the key points to remember when executing those movements. I just finished day 64 and can say I feel stronger, more mobile, and in better overall cardio shape than when I started. Would highly recommend this program to others.

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14 thoughts on “8-Week Single Kettlebell Video Program

  1. Great workout! I enjoyed it, and I’ll see results with flexibility, mobility, and durability, which my 38 years old body needs. Thank you, Eric, I’m looking forward to doing more to be the best version of myself. I’m going for round two with other workouts in between with increase weights in the session, and of course, I cannot forget, the body flows too.

  2. Absolutely the best program I’ve ever purchased. Was reluctant to start it at first because of shoulder issues but amazingly enough, my shoulders have gotten so much better, no pain and more
    mobility. You want sweat.? I’m always drenched at the end! The stretches between exercises are fantastic and key to shoulder mobility and recovery (obviously with good form as well) I just love Kettlebells. Thank you Eric!

    1. Hey Ben! The subscription is actually only for the Daily Workouts and doesn’t include any of the programs or the course, those are sold separately.

    1. Congrats on finishing the program! Glad to hear you loved it! Now you should repeat it and add weight and reps to see how much you’ve improved over the last 8 weeks! Keep crushing!

  3. with COVID, I continue to work out at home with my single Kettlebell with nothing but great things to say about the program

    I am now ending my second round through after increasing the weight – suggestions on next steps? any chance you would be putting out a single kettlebell 8 week course part II? would think it would market well in today’s craziness, just a thought – thanks

  4. I bought this program around the beginning of the pandemic and managed to find a couple of used kettlebells to kick things off. Well, we’re into month ~7, so I’ve run through this program a few times now and I can really feel the difference. I have increased the KB weight as I’ve made gains, and I less frequently feel like I’m going to puke doing the finishers 🙂 It’s a great mix of weight training, mobility/durability, and cardio with the HIIT-style flows. I like to ride my bike, swim or do yoga on the active rest days to stay limber and get the heart pumping a bit. Even doing this program over and over, I never get bored– and when I think I might– I mix in other flows/routines from Eric’s YouTube episodes or off of the app. You can mix it up a little and still stay within the program, in my opinion.

  5. Finished the 8 weeks, going to run it again! I’ve had a great time with this program and I was actually able to stick to it without. The changes in my body and mobility are amazing. Im 40 and am doing things i never thought i could do. The movements were challenging but they didn’t destroy me. Extremely functional workout. Got a lot of compliments from my family, I actually have a chest and a solid back! Looking forward to checking out other workouts in the future. Thanks for this man.

    1. Juan, That’s awesome man, happy to hear you enjoyed it and are going to get it again! Be sure to challenge yourself by adding weight and/or sets. Thank you for your support and keep pushing it. Let’s get these gains!

  6. Completed the 8-Week Single Kettlebell Program. Great all-around program for strength (upper, lower, core), flexibility, balance, and mobility. Found it very good for core even though it doesn’t have a lot of core specific movements/exercises. The use of one kettlebell requires use of your core muscles (abs, obliques, spinal erectors) for stabilization on most of the exercises. Great for mobility as well many of the exercises require you to move into different positions. Definitely improved my mobility as well as functional strength and muscle definition.

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