8-Week Single Kettlebell Video Program
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This 8 week workout program combines single kettlebell and bodyweight exercises to help you get fit fast. The imbalance load and versatility of the kettlebell and various mobility based bodyweight movements will help you become a more well rounded athlete. This 8 week single kettlebell program is broken up into 10 workouts scheduled out for 8 weeks. There are 4 workouts focused on muscle building and toning, 4 workouts for cardio and conditioning, and 2 workouts focused on mobility and durability.Each workout will be performed multiple times throughout the 8 weeks. I have arranged the workouts in such a way as to help you train hard but also recover strong so that you can continue to see results throughout the whole program while minimizing the negative adaptations of training.Some workouts are upper body focused, and some full body. I have included some of my favorite training tactics to help vary the intensity of your workouts without having to go heavier in weight or train for longer periods of time.My goal with this program is to help anyone get a safe and effective workout anywhere while in the or when short on time.

8 Lessons
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Top Student Reviews

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    By albertco22 on April 23, 2019
    Awesome program so far. Great explanations of movements as well as challenging, well timed workouts (seems like everything I've ever tried before wants you to lift for 2.5 hours straight). Love the cool downs at the end of every workout as well.
  2. By Thomas on May 16, 2019
    Best program so far. I enjoyed that the weeks always had something different so it didn't feel like you were doing the same. Great job Eric!
  3. By sito_33 on May 27, 2019
    Well balanced between kettlebels and bodyweight exercises. I never felt bored since every day is different and funny. I recommend this program. Thanks Eric!
  4. By Derek Johnson on June 28, 2019
    This single bell program is one of my favorites that I have done! Eric does a great job of explaining all the movements, and the key points to remember when executing those movements. I just finished day 64 and can say I feel stronger, more mobile, and in better overall cardio shape than when I started. Would highly recommend this program to others.