8-Week Shredded Program

This 8 week shredded program is broken up into 18 workouts scheduled out for 8 weeks. This Program requires access to a full gym/box gym with access to barbells/kettlebells/rowers/fan bikes, ski ergs etc. I have also noted alternatives for the harder to find gear such as barbells, ski ergs, bikes etc.
You will learn how to program heavy lifts like the barbell deadlift, row, squat, and press with functional movements with kettlebells and bodyweight to help you stay healthy and keep training hard and smart. My goal with this program is to help anyone get a safe and effective workout anywhere, anytime.

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Each Workout includes the prescribed cardio for the day in the title. If a workout says “High Intensity Interval Training” then no extra cardio/running is required, since the HIIT circuit is programmed into the days workout! You can run or do extra cardio on those  if you’d like, it will give you more wiggle room to eat/consume more calories In the day.

If a workout says “Low Intensity Steady State Cardio” the recommendation is to run/bike/swim for 30-60 minutes at a steady, but manageable pace.

Every Sunday I programmed in a rest day. You can add in your missed workout on Sundays if you want but don’t stress it. Your body needs rest and recovery so don’t shy away from taking a break.

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johnplankford johnplankford
Posted 8 months ago
More Strength, Balance, Flexibility!

The program helped me become stronger, improve balance and stability, and I've increased my flexibility and range of motion. I am a better athlete now, prepared to take on ultra / ironman training with what I have learned about my body and proper nutrition from Eric. Built lean muscle and burned fat throughout the program. Also get the app for daily workouts! Thank you so much Eric!

Posted 1 year ago
Bulked up and ripped!

I'm a skinny guy and have always had trouble building muscle. This program has helped me add 7 pounds of lean muscle in 2 months! Great videos and you feel the workout every time you finish!

Posted 1 year ago
Excellent program! Highly recommended!

Every day is different. It puts me in a position of feeling engaged. I start my day right. You’re not just lifting weights or doing cardio, it’s a mix of both. It’s very, very intense and it really pushes you to your limits. I love the warm-ups and cool down/decompression. It’s the best part to improve your mobility, strength and etc also less injuries. The videos and captions are very clear!

Posted 1 year ago

I've lot loss of weight and reached my fitness goal taking these programs. I have Eric to than for that, keep it up! They're rather fun to do, and it feels very nice after a day's worth of hard work.

Solange C
Posted 1 year ago
Great exercise plan for all levels

I followed this plan as a gym beginner with body weight and kettlebell experience, and loved it! I had several people at the gym comment on how my physique had changed in a short time, but mostly I just felt strong, nimble and healthy. I didn’t even change the way I eat. Only thing I changed is to take the time to stretch very well at the beginning and end. Highly recommend this program!

Facebook Profile photo Justin Vento
Posted 1 year ago
All around phenomenal exercise program

I’m 6 weeks into this program and already very grateful for how it’s improved my mobility, strength, and endurance. The videos are clear and instructive, and each workout leaves me feeling stronger, energized, and pumped for more. Eric constantly mixes things up so I feel engaged in each workout, and I appreciate all the alternative exercises included. Would definitely recommend!

Posted 1 year ago
Love it !

Program is just as good as any crossfit box or strength and conditioning gym

Posted 2 years ago
Loving it!

Starting week 5 tomorrow and I am loving it. Great breakup from the monotony of a straight set strength program with some great dynamic movements to keep you from getting too stiff from only training in the saggital plane like a lot of programs out there. Love that it involves both a warm-up and cool-down as most other programs do not.

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6 thoughts on “8-Week Shredded Program

  1. Great workout. Love how there is a good mix of exercises and they hit the full body! Shredville here I come. Week 5 starts tomorrow. Thx Eric.

  2. Question about the food portions – when you say 1 cup of chia pudding, do you measure cup of chia raw? Same applies to the example 1 cup of rice / potatoes. How many carbs per day do you eat in total and is it better to take them after the weights workout or after cardio?

    Thank you!

  3. Hone in and get the work done, and you will not be disappointed with the results. Cannot believe how my body looks, and how strong I feel after week 8. Incredible work Eric!

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